Posted by: Bruce | August 20, 2009


Jane suggested we have a separate “board discussion” section to list our FAVORITE Trader Joe items. Here are Jan’es:

1) Gorgonzola Gnocchi (frozen food) – Grind some fresh pepper over it and serve with some crusty bread and a baby greens salad…oh, and some great wine.
2) TJ’s Bay Blend coffee – It comes in a tall, blue can. I stock up on six large cans each trip.
3) Candy Cane Trader Joe Joes Cookies – only available during the Winter season. YUM!

Here’s one of mine I just discovered: Maine Blueberry syrup–put it on French Toast and congratulations, you’ve found nirvana!



  1. Too many favoites to mention them all but high on the list are the chocolate chip cookies, corn bread mix, salsa and chips and teriaki sauce.

  2. freeze dried Mangosteen, unsweetened and unsulfured!

  3. I love their natural raspberry jam with low sugar, my husband loves it and of course inexpensive.

  4. Wow… there are quite a few, but here are a couple of mine:

    gummy tummy penguins (if only they made a bag of all cherry!!)
    mini cilantro chicken wontons
    organic mini cheese sandwich crackers (I buy 5 boxes at a time – they go quick in my house)
    chicken empanaditas (little pillows of baked heaven)

    We really need a Trader Joe’s.. my next trip isn’t until the end of September when I go to RI, and I’ll be out of everything by then!!

  5. So many things to list! By far my favorite TJ’s item – Island Soyaki. Other favorites are the Sweet Chili sauce, dried white peaches, Dark Morello Cherries in syrup, Sweet & Salty mix, the new pear sauce (similar to apple sauce). Have also tried TJ’s exclusive $3 buck Chuck wine. Pretty good for $2.99 a bottle.

  6. I love the seafood at great prices!!! The crabcakes are a premium as well as the Ahi Tuna and swordfish stealks. My family loves the Spanikopita, frozen veggie lasagna and the simmer sauces which are great with chicken and rice! Around the Holidays thecakes are devine as are the chocolates!!
    I buymy almonds and olive oil there due to the cost savings!

  7. I can’t live without the 100 calorie dark chocolate packages. I also need the huge dark chocolate bars and the chocolate covered almonds. Do you see a theme here? I actually truck them home in suitcases from stores near my parents in IL and my sister in CA. I recently gave one of the big bars to my daughter in Maine as a gift and it was gone in less than 24 hrs. Need I say more?

  8. Peanut butter and dark chocolate covered soy nuts (which are very hard to find) and almonds–and anything else they carry that’s dark chocolate.

  9. Sea Salt Brownies! Never leave Trader Joe’s without them. Since it is a long ride home from the nearest store we car pool and eat a the brownies in the car. YUM!

  10. I love the Balsamic salad dressing, enchilada sauce, chili sauce, mini pbutter cups, chocolate covered fruit-so much more…

  11. Love the lemon pepper parpadalle, cheese & chile tamales, carne asada, pork carnitas, traveler’s chocolate (dark chocolate wedges in a tin), Black Mountain (aka “Fat Cat”) cabernet, basmati rice mix, chicken gyoza, sliced light havarti cheese, frozen mushroom turnovers, peach salsa….list goes on and on.

  12. The peach salsa is the best! Smoky, spicy and sweet…yum! Also the almond butter is almost half the price of what they are asking in Hannaford. That’s my husband’s favorite. Plus the multi-grain hot cereal is only $2.99. Those three are a must for me.

  13. The mushroom risotto is new on the must list. I also have recently become addicted to the quick cook steel cut oats. I always pick up olive oil, balsamic vinegar (2 types), green tea, peppermint tea (can’t beat the price), and the different varieties of salsas – my new favorite is the chipotle salsa, although I’ve always been a big fan of the peach salsa.

  14. The cherry cider, the “hot & sweet” mustard, the mixed cereals, the wonderful tortellini with sun-dried tomatoes, the Moroccan chicken, the array of multi-cultural frozen dishes, the chocolate-drizzled lemon cookies, the (shame on me) dark chocolate-covered caramels, artichoke bruschetta, cherry preserves, chicken chili…I feel another shopping trip coming on!

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