Posted by: Bruce | August 26, 2009


My weekend travels included a stop at a Trader Joe’s. So, just as I’ve asked the members of our group to do, I spoke to the employees there and let them know about our campaign. I spoke to one gentleman who seemed very knowledgable about the issue. He said that the Capital region is slated to get Trader Joe’s (he then went on to talk about some other areas of upstate NY that were also on Trader Joe’s expansion list). What I was told was encouraging and supports what I was told by Brandt Sharrock, VP for Real estate, that we are on their expansion radar. So agai, it’s not a question of “if” we are to get a Trader Joe’s, but “when?” I believe we can hasten Trader Joe’s’ arrival to the Capital District by being as visible as possible with our campaign. We have to keep sending letters. We have to remain in close contact with the company execs. and we’ll get our Trader Joe’s sooner rather than later!



  1. I am getting impatient. I was just out of state visiting family and brought back 2 cases of wine aside from my stockable groceries (2 wks ago) and returned home with another stash from another state. It’s really frustrating to have to beg for a store. They must be having a ball with us begging. Still love Trader Joe’s but sure would like them in the capital district.

    • Maggie, don’t make it too public that you brought in 2 cases of wine from out of state. Carrying that much wine across state lines is probably VERY illegal.

      And we’re out of luck that way even if we do get a local Trader Joe’s, since without a change in state law (that never comes) it won’t be able to sell wine.

  2. That price-comparison list was a true “labor” of love, and we’re grateful for it. It always helps to have facts to back up sheer, unadulterated positive emotion! Thanks for your work on this and so much else, Bruce.

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