Posted by: Bruce | October 14, 2009



Yesterday I attended the groundbreaking for The Fresh Market as it makes its entrance into New York State. It’s first store will be located at a beautifully redeveloped corner of Routes 9 and 155 in Latham/Colonie. I was delighted to attend (and equally delighted to receive a bag of their goodies on the way out). I unabashedly told the Fresh Market representatives that I represent a local grassroots organization of  3,500 who are campaigning for Trader Joe’s to come here. I also explained that we believe that the entrance of The Fresh Market is definately a step in the right direction and offered the Fresh Market representatives the opportunity to deliver their message to you. So here it is: “The Fresh Market (which will open in about a year) prides itself on quality products and we invite you to see many of our products at our website ( . We are a smaller, family-owned store with an old-fashioned feel and a commitment to customer service.”

I can tell you that the reps were very nice, very genuine and I look forward to trying their store (by the way, I asked if they also wear Hawaiian shirts, FYI, NO!). I also explained to the reps that we are a diverse region craving diverse shopping experiences and good quality products and I’m sure The Fresh Market will thrive side-by-side with Trader Joe’s’ eventual entry into our region. Of course, price is an important factor for us also.  So, one of the questions to be answered is “will the items at The Fresh Market be as reasonably priced as we find them to be at Trader Joe’s?” 

Bottom line, we’re a tenacious group. We welcome The Fresh Market to our community, AND we still Want Trader Joe’s in the Capital District! Are we going to use the Fresh Market’s entance into our area to leverage Trader Joe’s interest here?  What do you think?

Now, if you’re interested, here is the “official” statement I handed out at the event:



“Because We Deserve Better!”

Bruce C. Roter, President,

October 13, 2009

WWTJ Welcomes The Fresh Market to the Capital District

The 3,500 members of the local grassroots organization We Want Trader Joe’s in the Capital District welcomes The Fresh Market to our community. Their expansion here is a step in the right direction and today’s groundbreaking not only develops this corner, but creates a more diverse landscape for retail food shopping in our community. This occasion sends a clear signal that when it comes to new and improved grocery stores, New York’s State’s Capital District is open for business!

We understand the quality of products The Fresh Market to be excellent, and we look forward to shopping at The Fresh Market and sampling their delicious foods. The motto of our organization is “because we deserve better.” This relates to a greater diversity of food shopping experiences in the Capital District, better quality products, and lower prices. To the extent that The Fresh Market can contribute to these goals, they are most welcome here!

Bruce Roter, President
We Want Trader Joe’s in the Capital District


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