Posted by: Bruce | October 31, 2009

How to Carry Your Trader Joe’s Bags While Shopping Locally?

I was in a local supermarket yesterday doing a quick shop and I had my trusted Trader Joe’s bag with me. The question is, how do I carry it? Do I place it on my wrist and let it dangle, enticing the glances, stares, and (hopefully) envy of fellow shoppers? Or do I hide the bag, folding it up in my cart so as not to offend the “establishment?” Well, as for me, I boldly display the bag, calling out to the world, “here it is, and here is what we want!” I have had shoppers come up to me and ask me where the nearest Trader Joe’s is. I wind up telling them about our campaign and invite them aboard! One thing I’ve learned is that a gleaming red and white (or the newer blue Hawaiian style) Trader Joe’s bag can be a great ice-breaker (hint to shy people: bring one to a party filled with your favorite vino).

So how do YOU carry your Trader Joe’s bags while shopping locally?



  1. I proudly use my TJ’s bags locally. If it’s a cool cashier at Hannaford , they’ll comment about having been to TJ’s and we chat. I also use my Whole Foods bags unabashedly in this area, but everyone always seems to like TJ’s.

  2. I usually pile two cotton Trader Joe bags and my WWTJ’s tote into my surfboard clad vinal Trader Joe’s bag and carry it in to the various stores I frequent. You even get a discount for bringing your own bag at PC. The only time a store employee has said anything to me is at Aldi’s (Trader Joe’s “sister” store). In that instance, the cashier was from California and we shared our experiences at Trader Joe’s. I told her all about our group. I also use my Trader Joe totes to bring items into and out of my office and that sometimes solicits comments such as “where is the closest Trader Joe’s? I love that store!”. I encourage all the members to start carrying your bags. People notice!

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