Posted by: Bruce | August 28, 2009

An Article About Us!

Join a movement Here’s a wonderful article about our campaign written by Lara Hammes.  You can read the whole article at:


My weekend travels included a stop at a Trader Joe’s. So, just as I’ve asked the members of our group to do, I spoke to the employees there and let them know about our campaign. I spoke to one gentleman who seemed very knowledgable about the issue. He said that the Capital region is slated to get Trader Joe’s (he then went on to talk about some other areas of upstate NY that were also on Trader Joe’s expansion list). What I was told was encouraging and supports what I was told by Brandt Sharrock, VP for Real estate, that we are on their expansion radar. So agai, it’s not a question of “if” we are to get a Trader Joe’s, but “when?” I believe we can hasten Trader Joe’s’ arrival to the Capital District by being as visible as possible with our campaign. We have to keep sending letters. We have to remain in close contact with the company execs. and we’ll get our Trader Joe’s sooner rather than later!

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Jane suggested we have a separate “board discussion” section to list our FAVORITE Trader Joe items. Here are Jan’es:

1) Gorgonzola Gnocchi (frozen food) – Grind some fresh pepper over it and serve with some crusty bread and a baby greens salad…oh, and some great wine.
2) TJ’s Bay Blend coffee – It comes in a tall, blue can. I stock up on six large cans each trip.
3) Candy Cane Trader Joe Joes Cookies – only available during the Winter season. YUM!

Here’s one of mine I just discovered: Maine Blueberry syrup–put it on French Toast and congratulations, you’ve found nirvana!

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Elect NYS

I look forward to listing the names of political candidates, our community leaders, who support our efforts to bring Trader Joe’s to the Capital District.

So far, the following candidates have voiced their support (visit this list often as it will be updated!).

Jerry Jennings, (D) Candidate for Mayor of Albany

Joe Igoe, (D) Candidate for Common Council 

Carolyn McLaughlin, (D) Candidate for President of Albany’s Common Council

Lenny Ricchiuti, (D) Candidate for President of Albany’s Common Council

Kathy Sheehan, (D) Candidate for Albany City Treasurer

Posted by: Bruce | August 17, 2009

The Price of Puffins

This is not quite a stock market report, but it is an interesting barometer of local food prices.  As of this morning, Barabara’s Puffins cereal (a delightful corn-based breakfast cereal that our kids seem to enjoy–ok,  I enjoy it too) costs $4.49 at our local Price Chopper.  I called the Hadley Trader Joe’s where the price of Puffins in $3.49.  But the story gets better.  For $4.49 at Price Chopper, you get a 12 oz. box, but for $3.49 at Trader Joe’s you get an 18 oz. box.  Here’s a little household math: 37 cents an ounce at Price Chopper vs. 19 cents an ounce at Trader Joe’s–nearly twice as much locally!

By the way, this isn’t “new math.”  I did this calculation about a year ago and while the price has risen in both stores, the 2:1 ratio has remained the same.

Posted by: Bruce | August 17, 2009

Why some of us want/need Trader Joe’s

Reading today’s article in the New York Times: “The Expense of Eating With Celiac Disease”  reminds me that some of those in our group want Trader Joe’s here because of the selection and affordability of their gluten-free products (Trader Joe’s is mentioned in the article).

Posted by: Bruce | August 15, 2009

HERE WE GO…and is Whole Foods coming??

Dear All,

I started this blog when we first began our campaign to bring Trader Joe’s to the Capital District.  Back then, I think I was writing for afew hundred of you.  Now, there are over 3,500 in our group!  I’d like to use this way to communicate with you so I can keep my emails to you shorter.  I will link this blog to my emails so those of you who are interested can get the whole scoop.

So, let’s begin with a little bit of curious “food for thought.”  I received this email from one of our members:

“On a related note, I also always mention the Albany area at Whole Foods, and one of the managers I was talking to said that it is very close to happening – they’ve got a site picked out, but haven’t signed the lease yet. And of course, where Whole Foods goes, Trader Joe’s is soon to follow!”

Interesting.  I’m not necessarily advocating for a Whole Foods, but it might help our goal of bringing Trader Joe’s (and creating more variety in our area).  Your thoughts?


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